40mm Blue Grey Slate Chippings

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Unleash Elegance with 40mm Blue Grey Slate Chippings - Bold and Timeless

Make a statement with the majestic allure of 40mm Blue Grey Slate Chippings. These larger, bold chippings are perfect for creating distinctive features in your garden or landscape. The natural blue-grey tones add a touch of sophistication, making them a striking choice for driveways, water features, or garden borders. Elevate your outdoor aesthetic with the enduring appeal of Blue Grey Slate.

Key Features:

  • Majestic Appearance: The larger size and bold presence of 40mm Blue Grey Slate make a statement in your landscaping design.
  • Natural Blue-Grey Tones: The natural colours of the slate add a sophisticated and timeless element to your outdoor space.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for ground cover, water features, and garden borders, offering versatility in your landscaping projects.
  • Please note: Blue Grey Chippings are dusty when delivered and only reveal their true beauty when rain washed or doused after spreading.

Why Choose Our Blue Grey Slate Chippings?

Make a bold and distinctive statement in your landscape with the majestic appearance of Blue Grey Slate. The natural blue-grey tones bring a touch of sophistication, creating an elegant and timeless outdoor environment. From ground cover to decorative garden borders, these chippings offer versatility in enhancing different aspects of your landscape.

Important Details:

These materials are naturally occurring so can be subject to colour changes. Delivered in a bulk bag, please note bags weigh approximately one tonne including packaging.

The price listed does not include delivery costs, these are added once a postcode is given at basket/checkout stage