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Purbeck “Grub” is a beautiful fossil shell limestone quarried at our own quarry in Swanage, Dorset. This is now a rare and sought after material, due to it’s past popularity. Sites where this material is quarried are now very limited.

Purbeck “Cap” originates from our quarry in Swanage.

It is available in a honed. sawn or sanded finish if you don’t want to bring out as much colour in the material.

It has varying shade & marking which is a character of the material and makes it quite distinctive.

It is supplied in widths up to 500mm x random lengths, and can be cut as thin as 20mm. In smaller modules it can be cut down to as little as 12mm.

The “Grub” bed takes a good polish and can be used for wall tiles, vanitry units and shelving. It is also used for our famous “Jurassic Coasters” ™

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